We supported the corporate branding of Goho-Yoshi LLC

FB cover image by Goho-Yoshi

We supported Japan’s first cloud-native company – Goho-yoshi LLC, a project group that aims to realize a sustainable society, with their corporate branding.

As the company’s name signify, it is a project group that aims to achieve the “five good things” by adding “good for society” and “good for the future” to the spirit of sampo yoshi, which means “good for buying,” “good for selling,” and “good for making,” and because of this, its businesses are diverse and it is difficult to see consistency throughout the company.

We want to create a brand identity that will serve as a banner and a credo that will guide our actions, while maintaining the uniqueness of each individual business and project, and through the axis of the company as a whole! We were asked to consult with the company to help us with this project.

The first step was to dig deep into the “original experience,” which is the source of the thoughts and feelings of each individual business, and through the discovery of issues and restructuring of the business, the participants were able to discover the axis of the company as a whole. We believe that the participants were able to clarify what they wanted to do, which at first seemed vague, and to increase their enthusiasm to tackle it with more confidence.

Goho Yoshi will be celebrating its one year anniversary on July 30 this coming July 24th at the “Goho-Yoshi Fest“! There will also be a presentation of the credo.