Report on Appointment as Auditor of a Non-Profit Organization

Masahiko Mizuno, President of Ideal brands.JP, was appointed as an auditor upon the establishment of SECI Place, an NPO.
He was in charge of the incorporation process, including drafting the articles of incorporation, negotiating and coordinating with the Tokyo Metropolitan Government for certification, preparing registration documents, and creating the website.

With the SECI model as the basis of our thinking, we are creating a place where people from different industries can gather outside the company and engage in activities.
SECI Place is a non-profit organization that “harnesses the power of everyone to the power of Japan.

In the spirit of an NPO, SECI Place are committed to seeing to it that SECI Place makes further contributions to society as a public institution of society. We look forward to your continued support and encouragement as well as
that of Ideal brands.JP.

Declaration of Action for the Local Telework Promotion Movement

September 26, 2022

Ideal Brands LLC (Head Office: Tokyo, Representative Partner: Masahiko Mizuno) agrees with the purpose of the “Regional Development Telework Promotion Campaign” promoted by the Cabinet Office and the Cabinet Secretariat, and has made an “Action Declaration” to participate in the campaign. The declaration was officially accepted today by the Cabinet Office and the Cabinet Secretariat, and is posted on the website of the “Telework for Regional Development” project.

Local Telework” (Cabinet Office) website

Our Declaration Details

As stated in our Action Declaration, we will promote [3] participation in regional projects, [4] functional decentralization, and [5] work location promotion. Specifically, we will participate in the matching projects of local companies and professional human resources living in the Tokyo metropolitan area, which are implemented by METI Regional Bureau of Economy, Trade and Industry and local governments, and continue to provide support in the form of “philosophy, brand, and design” for the inexperienced issues faced by local small- and medium-sized companies. In the future, we plan to promote efforts to [2] recruit and train local human resources [6] increase the number of people involved and promote regional development through exchanges with local companies and human resources by utilizing satellite offices and other work location facilities in the target regions.

 In addition to utilizing the above “promotion of telework for regional development” initiatives for the expansion and stable and continuous promotion of core operations, we will continue to support diversity in the work and life of our employees and create an environment that allows each and every employee to maximize his or her abilities.

*What is the “Regional Development Telework” Promotion Project of the Cabinet Office, Cabinet Secretariat?

Telework contributes to the revitalization of rural areas in various ways, such as accelerating the flow of people from urban areas to rural areas, preventing the outflow of population from rural areas, creating jobs and new businesses in rural areas, and so on. In addition, the “Local Creation Telework Promotion Campaign” will be developed to promote “Local Creation Telework” through public-private partnerships with companies and organizations endorsing the purpose of such telework.

We are a registered company for the Telework Month

November is Telework Month. We are registered as a Telework Month implementing organization this year as well.
Telework Month is a period of concentrated telework efforts sponsored by the Telework Month Executive Committee (Cabinet Secretariat, Cabinet Personnel Bureau, Cabinet Office, Office for Promotion of Regional Development, Digital Agency, Ministry of Internal Affairs and Communications, Ministry of Health, Labor and Welfare, Ministry of Economy, Trade and Industry, Ministry of Land, Infrastructure, Transport and Tourism, Tourism Agency, Japan Telework Association, and Japan Telework Society).

Partnership Building Declaration Registration

Partnership Building Declaration Logo

The “Declaration of Partnership Building” is a mechanism established by the “Council for Promoting Partnership Building for the Future,” whose members include the Cabinet Office, Ministry of Economy, Trade and Industry, Ministry of Health, Labour and Welfare, Ministry of Agriculture, Forestry and Fisheries, Ministry of Land, Infrastructure and Transport, and ministers, as well as the chairman of Keidanren, the chairman of NCCI, and the chairman of RENGO.

Partnership Building Declaration portal site
List of registered companies: Services (not elsewhere classified)

We supported the corporate branding of Goho-Yoshi LLC

FB cover image by Goho-Yoshi

We supported Japan’s first cloud-native company – Goho-yoshi LLC, a project group that aims to realize a sustainable society, with their corporate branding.

As the company’s name signify, it is a project group that aims to achieve the “five good things” by adding “good for society” and “good for the future” to the spirit of sampo yoshi, which means “good for buying,” “good for selling,” and “good for making,” and because of this, its businesses are diverse and it is difficult to see consistency throughout the company.

We want to create a brand identity that will serve as a banner and a credo that will guide our actions, while maintaining the uniqueness of each individual business and project, and through the axis of the company as a whole! We were asked to consult with the company to help us with this project.

The first step was to dig deep into the “original experience,” which is the source of the thoughts and feelings of each individual business, and through the discovery of issues and restructuring of the business, the participants were able to discover the axis of the company as a whole. We believe that the participants were able to clarify what they wanted to do, which at first seemed vague, and to increase their enthusiasm to tackle it with more confidence.

Goho Yoshi will be celebrating its one year anniversary on July 30 this coming July 24th at the “Goho-Yoshi Fest“! There will also be a presentation of the credo.

Registered as a participant in “Telework Month”

Telework Month is a movement to promote the spread of teleworking, spearheaded by the Telework Promotion Forum (established in November 2005, consisting of the Ministry of Internal Affairs and Communications, Ministry of Health, Labor and Welfare, Ministry of Economy, Trade and Industry, Ministry of Land, Infrastructure, Transport and Tourism, academics, private businesses, etc.).
Since 2015, November has been designated as a symbolic month, and we aim to make it a national movement to expand diversity in work styles by joining hands not only with companies, organizations, and individuals implementing telework, but also with everyone involved in related research activities, educational activities, support activities, and other related activities.
As a 100% cloud-native company, we endorse the purpose of Telework Month and are registered as an organization that “practices,” “learns,” and “cooperates” with telework.

We have been certified as a company practicing “Telework Tokyo Rules”.

As a declared company, we have obtained the “Telework Tokyo Rule” practice company declaration and received certification.
Since its establishment, the company has been maintaining and practicing an advanced telework environment, and as a cloud-native company, it is able to provide nationwide support regardless of location using online tools. For details of the certification, please refer to the following page of the Tokyo Metropolitan Bureau of Industrial and Labor Affairs “Telework Tokyo Rules” Practice Company Declaration.