Customer’s Voice

image Customer's Voice

I was able to understand the difference between branding and marketing and the importance of branding.

When I said that a brand is “love” for its beneficiaries, I thought it would be about knowing who I want to love and how I want to love them, and who loves me and how I am loved.

I now know what I need to do at my company and what I am not doing. I now know what I need to do at my company and what I am not doing.

You have to be consistent. It was an eye-opener for me to hear that “the role of the brand manager is to make people have it.

Brand means “personality” and “love” convince and impress!

I found the use of the HR category very helpful.

“The brand continues to evolve” resonated with me!

I used to think that the definition of a brand for an object was different from the definition of a brand for a thing, but now I realize that they are the same.

I now understand the steps to build a brand. I would like to apply it to my work.

By drawing the visuals myself with a pen on paper, it became a part of my knowledge.

I now have a systematic understanding of what a brand is, which I had been vaguely aware of. I will share it with my team in practice.

It was very important for me to gain the perspective that “customers/consumers are the ones who create the brand image.
The comments to each team in the critique of the work were easy to understand.

It gave me hints on how to proceed as an instructor.

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Of the 73 valid responses, 81% gave a customer satisfaction score of 80 points or higher, which is a high evaluation.