Our Telework Initiatives

Since its establishment, the Company has made teleworking a basic policy for all directors and staff.

Example of staff home remote environment image
Example of staff home remote environment

We have established an environment that allows full telecommuting. Whenever there is a request for the introduction of new tools or the mastery of various online tools, offline communication is also conducted to reduce the digital divide among staff, taking infection control measures into consideration.

All staff members are provided with the following tools necessary for telework.

  • Cloud systems are available for all devices.
  • Establish a help desk for IT and telecommunications devices, whether for company or personal use.
  • Each staff member is given a cloud phone number that can be used when telecommuting or working remotely.

The environment is designed to reduce staff travel time and improve efficiency.

Selection and designation of satellite offices that are safe for staff to use
The company’s own Occupational Safety Committee members visit the site prior to the visit to make a determination and designate the site.

Designation criteria (partial)

  • Status of infection control measures at the facility
  • Status of BCP measures at the facility (evacuation methods, emergency communication arrangements, etc.)

From the preparatory stage, we have been actively promoting the use of online tools, for example, by completing the complicated registration of incorporation online, and have been building the environment.

We are also available for consultation on telework implementation, cloud tool selection, etc.

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