Original Experience Driven™


The Original Experience Journey™
What is the root of a brand? It’s a thought or an idea. So where does the idea come from? It comes from the original experience of the founder. Even grandiose projects that change the tides of the world begin with the thoughts of a single individual. The Original Experience Journey™ is a journey into the inner world of an individual to find the buried source of his or her unique values. Through the Original Experience Journey™, you will discover where you came from, what your mission is, and where you should go.
Masahiko Mizuno at Ideal Brands is a certified facilitator of Original Experience Driven™

Official Original Experience Driven™ (Driving Force) Project

External Branding

The 10-step brand building process involves the formulation, concretization and visualization of a brand statement. When we think of a brand, we tend to associate it with visible things such as logos, marks, and flashy commercials, but what is really important is what the brand wants to convey. Through a framework, we will help you realize how to make your brand image take root in the minds of consumers and customers.

Internal Branding

What is Internal Branding?
Internal branding is a medium- to long-term, company-wide initiative to help each and every one of your employees empathize and resonate with your brand and embody it as their own.
Internal branding is a medium- to long-term, company-wide activity that enables each and every employee to empathize and resonate with the company’s brand and to embody it as their own.
Internal branding is a corporate transformation.