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Ideal Brands is a brand management consulting firm that understands “philosophy, brand, and design” as a single entity and works with clients to bring joy and realize a sustainable society.

Small companies and startups are the ones who should think before creating a logo and website. As a designer, I agree.


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GENTAIKEN(Original Experience) Driven™

Our philosophy comes from the original experiences of our founders. Even grandiose projects that change the course of the world begin with the thoughts of a single individual. Original Experience Driven is a journey to discover the source of a person’s unique values that lie dormant inside. Through Original Experience Driven, you will discover where you came from, what your mission is, and where you need to go.
What you need to realize your business is “meaningful rather than useful. There are no limits to meaning, such as context and worldview, rather than usefulness.
It is an image of capturing the “core” of one’s existence and cultivating the crystal.
We dig deep into the original experience that is the source of thoughts for founders and managers, and formulate a bold philosophy and MVV.
Example: A company that only has a philosophy is exhausted -> Management that provides value from the philosophy

Scale up with GENTAIKEN driven

Brand Engagement Diagnosis

We measure the “engagement” and “brand embodiment” of all employees to recognize the current status and use it as an indicator. All employees, including contract employees and part-time employees, are eligible to take this test. In order to grasp the situation at the department level, it is necessary to set up a department. The minimum number of examinees is four or more (two or more departments, with one department having two or more examinees) to visualize the characteristics and issues of each department.
The Brand Engagement Assessment is a tool of the Brand Manager Certification Institute. Mizuno is a certified trainer/practitioner of the Brand Manager Certification Institute.

External Branding

The 8-step brand building process involves the formulation, concretization and visualization of a brand statement. When we think of a brand, we tend to associate it with visible things such as logos, marks, and flashy commercials, but what is really important is what the brand wants to convey. Through a framework, we will help you realize how to make your brand image take root in the minds of consumers and customers.

Internal Branding

What is Internal Branding?
Internal branding is a medium- to long-term, company-wide initiative to help each and every one of your employees empathize and resonate with your brand and embody it as their own.
Internal branding is a medium- to long-term, company-wide activity that enables each and every employee to empathize and resonate with the company’s brand and to embody it as their own.
Internal branding is a corporate transformation.

Team Branding®

Team Branding® is a method for embodying a brand both internally and externally, in which employees think, create, and act on their own initiative, using External Branding as the theme for the symbolic projects conducted in Internal Branding. This method draws out the spontaneity of employees, fosters a sense of unity, and makes branding not just a decoration on the surface, but a change in consciousness and a corporate culture.

Design work

If brand consulting is the design of ideas, design here is the design of concrete objects and visuals to communicate, the design of services, and the design of “how” means. Basically, we do not accept requests for one-off designs only. This is because we consider whether there is a philosophy behind even a small part of the design. We create a coherent portfolio from your brand statement and concept. We create a brand icon with a soul based on our knowledge of over 10 years of building brand visual identities.

Original Experience Driven™ is a trademark of Tokyo Branding University.
  Team Branding® is a registered trademark of the Land Manager Certification Institute.


We are a virtual office, so we are usually out of the office. Please let us know in advance if you are coming to our office for a meeting. Please do not come to our office without an appointment for solicitation or sales purposes.